Lester Mug Charity Program in honor of Savannah (Savvy) Buik

Lester Mugs for Charity

Hero Coffee Bar will be partnering with local artists and charities on a monthly basis to raise money and awareness of important issues that affect our Chicago HERO community.

The January Charity is: American Alpine Club in Memory of Savannah (Savvy) Buik

We’ll be earmarking the funds raised for Outdoor Education Programs for the American Alpine Club in the memory of Savannah Buik. Savvy, as she was known, passed tragically in a climbing accident at the age of 22. She, like Lester, was a fixture in the climbing community and volunteered for the AAC while also serving as the co-chair of the AAC’s Chicago Chapter. Not only was Savvy a climber, but also an advocate for people with eating disorders and mental health struggles; she publicly kept a blog about her own eating disorder battle that gained a wide audience that helped others. As a DePaul student, she completed her coursework for a degree in Mathematics. Savvy frequented the Hero Coffee in Roscoe Village since she lived right around the block. With her mother Nina’s blessing, we decided to raise money in her memory to go to her favorite charity. Savvy was the epitome of what Hero Coffee Bar stands for, and for that she remains our Hero.

For the month of January, 75% of retail Lester Mug sales will go to the AAC charity and 25% will go back to the artist to recover costs of creating their art.

What are Lester Mugs? Lester Arguelles is a talented potter, climber, and all-around athlete. Many in the Midwest climbing community can spot a mug made by Lester from a mile away. In his free time he makes these unique mugs simply because he enjoys the process. Lester mugs are beautifully handmade, dishwasher safe, and no two mugs are the same. Purchase yours exclusively at Hero Coffee Bar in Roscoe Village 211 W. Roscoe.  

AAC blurb:

The American Alpine Club is a national organization whose vision is a united community of competent climbers and healthy climbing landscapes. Together with our members, the AAC advocates for American climbers domestically and around the world; provides grants and volunteer opportunities to protect and conserve the places we climb; hosts local and national climbing festivals and events, and give annually toward climbing, conservation, and research grants that fund adventurers who travel the world. Within those guidelines the regional chapters (Chicago) is broadly set up to 1) empower and support the local climbing community, 2) pursue like minded activities, 3) provide a resource and guidance on policies on topics such as safety, conservation, access, regulation not just for climbers but all outdoor enthusiasts.

To contact and learn more about the AAC (Chicago chapter): chicagochapter@americanalpineclub.org ; www.americanalpineclub.org

To visit Savannah’s blog that chronicled her climbing and life:


To contact Hero Coffee Bar regarding the mugs:

info@herocoffeebars.com or Gabriel@herocoffeebars.com

To purchase a mug online email:


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“I climb because I have a way to feel when I can’t feel… I divert to climbing to help me experience ALL emotions: happiness, anger, frustration, sadness, excitement. Climbing helps me express an infinite amount of emotions, but all of the emotions combine to make me feel whole.”        -Savannah Buik

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